Will Water Damage Drywall?

Drywall Water Damage

Drywall Water Damage Can Lead To Many Issues Within Your Home Structure.

There are many ways water can get into a home such as a leak in the roof, a burst pipe in your plumbing, or even just general flood conditions. When water invades your home, your first reaction may be to just clean it up, get it repaired, and forget about it. However, if water gets into your drywall, you could have a bigger problem to contend with. While drywall is generally very durable, able to withstand most damaging issues, water is invasive and can wear it down. This can significantly impact your structure and create the perfect moist environment for mold within your walls. It is critical that when you first notice a leak or wetness within your drywall that you take action to remedy the situation.

Can Wet Drywall Dry Out?

When dealing with wet drywall, there is a chance that you can dry the board out if you act quickly depending on the situation. Deal with the source of the water first to prevent further moisture from entering your home. When looking at your drywall, take into account the extent of the damage in the wall and determine the condition of your wall. These factors will help you determine not only if the wall is salvageable but also if it is worth salvaging or just replacing. Certain paints and wallpapers can prevent moisture from leaving your drywall easily, leading to the trapped water damaging the structure more.  Other paints may allow water to more freely evaporate and disperse, meaning that you can possibly salvage the drywall. Once you have determined the extent of the damage, you have a couple of options; you can use a quality dehumidifier to pull water from the wall or contact a local professional to assist. This will ensure that any remaining water is eliminated and prevent the possibility of further damage.

How Do You Get Rid of Mold on Drywall?

Every homeowner worries about mold when water begins to seep into their home, and for good reason! It can lead to health concerns for your eyes, skin, lungs and more, harming you and your loved ones. If you notice mold growing on your drywall, you may become concerned. Do not worry, there are some things you can do to try to eliminate the mold from your home. First clean the area, scrubbing as best you can with cleaning agents. Some stores supply cleaning products specifically designed to remove mold and stop it from growing. Once you have cleaned and scrubbed the area, dry it down and repaint! If the drywall that has the mold is unpainted, however, it may be easier to contact a professional mold removal service in order to protect your home as these can be far more difficult to remedy.

Drywall Removal Service

Another option available to you in the event of drywall water damage is to have it removed and replaced. This may also be for the best depending on the age of the home and how much drywall water damage is present. 1st Quality Clean Up, Inc. provides removal services for homes in Mansfield, TX to help them with renovation and remodeling project. Our licensed crews offer fast and efficient service for your needs. If you need removal due to drywall water damage, contact us today by dialing 844-74-TRASH!