After Disaster Strikes

Most never think it will happen to their home- until it does. Whether your home has been damaged by wind, water, fire, or another type of disaster, it can leave you feeling helpless, vulnerable, and without a clear plan of action. However, these steps, along with our disaster cleanup team, can help you begin to put your life back together, one piece at a time.

We Provide Fire, Water, or Even Storm Damage Help.

No Matter What Type of Damage Your Home has Endured, We Can Help!

Returning to the Scene

One of the most difficult disaster cleanup steps for most homeowners is returning to the property the first time after a disaster. While it’s easy to let your emotions rule, it’s crucial to keep a level head at this important point. Take a log of damaged furniture, structural points, flooring, walls, everything. Ensure that you move any clutter to uncover all damaged material and belongings.

A Picture is Worth… Everything

Without a photo of the items you claim as lost, the insurance company may have a hard time paying out. To protect against this unfortunate circumstance, take photos of all damaged property as well as the home itself. Make sure your photos are clear and reflect the brand and model if possible.

The Clean Up

Once the damage has been assessed, it’s time to begin the disaster cleanup. While this project can be done yourself, there are many companies that can complete this step for you to circumvent emotional breakdowns, time crunches, and safety concerns. Hiring a knowledgeable clean-up crew such as 1st Quality Clean Up, Inc. is recommended to keep your loved ones as safe as possible. However, if you decide to complete clean up yourself, remember to fully cover your body with clothing and wear protective gloves and eyewear if needed. Discard any items that are molded, mildewed, or have substantial water damage, and throw out any type of food or drink that has any chance of being contaminated. Remember to take breaks often to alleviate stress, depression, and fatigue.

Disaster is something no one ever wants to experience. However, if you have found yourself in the midst of a disaster, call the 1st Quality Clean Up, Inc. team for help. We can clean up your home’s damages and mess, and in some cases salvage important items. Call us at 844-74-TRASH to learn more or to schedule your clean up service today.