Why Choose Our Mattress Removal Services?

Did you know that your mattress should be replaced every 8 years for both your home’s cleanliness, and your quality of sleep? However, nearly everyone has that one old mattress that just never got thrown away, because honestly, moving mattresses isn’t an easy job! Lucky for you, however, we offer professional junk removal services, and that includes mattress removal. Today we’ll go over 3 reasons it is more affordable to pay someone to remove your mattress, than it is to try to do it yourself.

Heavy Lifting

old mattress

Old Mattresses Are A Serious Health Concern Over Time.

To begin, mattresses are HEAVY! If you’re trying to move it alone, it can be very dangerous, particularly if it needs to be moved downstairs, or down narrow halls. Why risk hurting your back, or damaging other items in your home? Our team of experts knows how to lift and move a mattress is the safest, and most efficient way.


Now that the mattress is out of the house, how are you planning to haul it? Popping it into a pickup truck is alright, except that it likely won’t lay flat, which means it will cause an extreme air drag, and potentially block your vision. If you have a smaller vehicle, and you were planning on tying it to the top, this is extremely dangerous! Using one of our secure box trucks, our experts can safely transport the mattress.


Say you do get it safely into a vehicle. Where are you going to take the mattress. Dumps won’t always accept mattresses, and the recycling centers can be quite a drive. If you leave it to us, you don’t have to worry, because we know exactly where to take it!

If you have an old mattress that you would like to have hauled away, give us a call today at 844-74-TRASH to get started!